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 Yangzhou shengda machinery accessories co., LTD 



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Yangzhou shengda machinery accessories co., LTD



Shengda machinery accessories 

Company profile

Yangzhou shengda machinery accessories co., LTD is located in a beautiful Yangtze river delta, China

economic center - area Wu Jian industrial park.
The company is committed to research, development and production and processing rubber, plastic blending series of foam. Can produce cars, refrigerators, air-conditioning accessories products, as well as a variety of

ventilation and thermal insulation pipe. In addition, our company also has international advanced high

accuracy plane cutting and stamping equipment, high-precision processing equipment, the company's

products can be used directly or machining special-shaped pieces according to the requirements of

customers. These materials have been widely used central air conditioning pipe heat preservation; Buffer

material, machinery, construction and other insulation materials; Household air conditioner, automobile,

electronic instruments, buffer, heat preservation of the sealing material, sound absorption, noise reduction.

At present, the company is working with LG, suzhou jinlong, jianghuai passenger cars, the jie letter, suzhou trox air conditioning, hisense, melting, heavy industry and other large

enterprises to cooperate! Shengda company pay attention to the quality management system, adopt scientific ensure to provide customers with satisfactory products and services; Pay attention to strengthen the enterprise culture education to ensure the employee groups are a team with cohesion and combat effectiveness; Pay attention to scientific and

technological innovation, ensure that the products of the company can constantly towards more varieties, high performance, more environmentally friendly direction. We believe

that people will see our products do better, to reach into every corner of the world.