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Colorful blankets make colorful and comfortable life

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Nowadays, the market competition in the world is becoming more and more intense, so the development strength of the whole market has been improved
Nowadays, the market competition in the world is becoming more and more intense, so the development strength of the whole market has been improved correspondingly. The criterion of a good business is whether it can promote itself to the world. As the idiom goes, practice tells the truth. In the age when the felt industry is gradually developing, various data and facts strongly prove that Nangong Yimao felt factory is a supplier with the largest scale, the best product quality and the most variety of products available so far.
As a manufacturer of felt, felt products and fur products, Nangong Yifu felt factory has a wide range of applications, such as aerospace, military machinery, textile equipment and so on.
Nowadays, colored felt is widely used in all walks of life. The finished product is the oldest textile form ever recorded in human history. It is more than 8000 years ago. This form of fabric is not woven, and compared with textiles, knitting and so on, it was received and used by mankind earlier. Wool has soft and strong toughness, excellent touch, good elasticity and strong reduction performance. For all wool felt products, can be quickly restored to the original shape after the fold, coupled with tight fiber structure, flexibility and perfect combination, without needing to knit sewing, direct one-step molding.
Compared with ordinary felt, the greatest advantage of color felt is its beautiful appearance, according to the relevant requirements of customers and the corresponding use of different dyeing felt to meet aesthetic, visual aesthetic needs. In addition, in addition to making some felt products, is a favorite photography enthusiasts, can be used as a photographic background cloth, the effect is excellent.
According to relevant information, wool felt is actually something after wool is felt. Wool felting can be divided into two principles, needle felt and wet felt. These are the words behind us, and we will not mention them for the time being. One thing to be said is that there are few books and materials on wool felt production in China. As a result, the rapid development of Nangong Yimao felt factory is an astonishing achievement. It relies entirely on its own study and research and development, and advances and develops in constant strikes and frustrations. This makes many of today's felt industry merchants hear the name of the millions of felt factory, admiration will arise. Indeed, as one of the oldest and most powerful companies, it has been able to achieve this brilliant achievement by relying entirely on its own perseverance and the continuous improvement and innovation of its boss.