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Noise reduction of air conditioner

Ultra-thin specifications, to meet users' needs, noise and noise reduction.

DHENG series air conditioning thermal insulation, flame retardant and noise elimination parts

This product is made of flame retardant centrifugal glass cotton board, sprayed with black glass fiber mat chloroprene rubber as surface layer

PE high power series products

The PE high-multiple series products are made of PE resin by secondary foaming, and the magnifications are 20, 30, 35, and 45 times. They are classified into ordinary

PE low power series products

The PE low-magnification series is made of PE resin by one-time compression foaming, and the magnification is 5, 10, 14, and 15 times.

Sound insulation and sound absorption series

It adopts PUR, CR, PET cotton, XPE, rubber and other open-cell closed-cell materials

Rubber and plastic series

Molded foaming series are available in NR, CR, EPDM and other products.
Features: high resilience

Extrusion rubber foaming products

Features: Excellent insulation, thermal insulation, chemical resistance and impact resistance.

Flame retardant cotton felt series

Main performance indicators of felt

Melamine series

Features: It is a low-density, high-opening sound-absorbing cotton with excellent flame retardancy, sound absorption and heat insulation.
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